New Categories: D CEO’s Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards

Opportunities added to recognize companies and organizations for their efforts relating to COVID-19. The deadline to enter is May 15.

D CEO is expending its 2020 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards program to recognize efforts in the wake of COVID-19.

A collaboration with Communities Foundation of Texas, the program honors leaders and organizations in the nonprofit world that continue to make a positive impact on the community, often under difficult financial constraints. It also honors companies that support the local nonprofits, from executives volunteering their time on boards to lending support through financial donations, in-kind services, and sponsorships.

The two new categories are COVID-19 Community Hero Award (corporate citizenship) and COVID-19 Community Impact Award (nonprofit). Full descriptions for these and other categories are below.

Please note: All submissions must be made by May 15, 2020.

To nominate nonprofit organizations and leaders, click here.

To nominate corporations and business leaders, click here.

To view a photo recap from last year’s event, click here.



In-Kind Services Supporter: A company or individual working on behalf of the company, provides pro-bono work or other in-kind services (such as materials, skills, or matched based volunteering) to a nonprofit organization in order to help them accomplish their mission.

Innovative Collaboration: A company that partners with a nonprofit on process improvements or a specific project initiative.

Corporate Leadership Excellence: A company C-suite executive that has shown exceptional support of the nonprofit community through individual participation and actions.

Corporate Partner of the Year: A company that has supported a local nonprofit through various methods, from cash and sponsorship, for example, to volunteering and board membership.

Corporate Social Responsibility: A company that shows outstanding support of the nonprofit community as a whole through various methods—from internal programs for donation matching, for example, to allowing time off for employees to volunteer, supporting numerous nonprofit events, providing teams of people at runs and walks, etc. (Awards will be given for large, medium, and small organizations.)

Collaboration of the Year: A successful collaborative partnership and/or creative, innovative and data-driven approach around a key community issue between any/all of the following: nonprofits, foundations, schools, government, corporations, etc.

[NEW] COVID-19 Community Hero Award: A company that has taken extraordinary measures to go above and beyond in response to COVID-19, whether it involves retooling business to address emergency needs, supporting nonprofits, initiatives involving front-line personnel or first responders, donating equipment, or other coronavirus efforts and collaborations.


Social Enterprise: A nonprofit organization applying innovative strategies to maximize improvements or impact in the community.

Volunteer of the Year: A volunteer who consistently goes above and beyond in lending their time and expertise to a nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit Team of the Year: A nonprofit staff (or a team within the larger organization) that works to support one of the organization’s specific causes or programs.

Leadership Excellence: An exceptional nonprofit organization CEO, executive director, or board chair.

Organization of the Year: A nonprofit organization that deserves to be recognized over all others for its service and mission-based success. (Awards will be given for large, medium, and small organizations.)

Most Successful Fundraising or Awareness Campaign: A nonprofit organization with a successful capital, operational, endowment, marketing and/or advocacy campaign during the past year.

COVID-19 Community Impact Award – A nonprofit organization that has changed course, expanded, or otherwise took extraordinary measures in response to COVID-19, whether they involve front-line personnel or first responders, healthcare, food provision or delivery, personal protection equipment, or other coronavirus initiatives and collaborations.


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